The Return of the One Piece Swimsuit

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Posted on March 16 2017

Return of the One Piece Swimsuit Blog Post | Sea & Sand Beachwear

Fashion is Always Cyclical

For a while, bikinis and swimwear offering less moderate coverage were dominating beaches all over the U.S. However, coverage and sophistication has won the fashion cycle back, and the One Piece Swimsuit is having a major moment.

As a leader in quality for one piece swimsuits, we couldn't be more excited that this look is at the top of the trends list. With so many versatile styles this type of suit can be offered in, it's becoming difficult to think of an era in the near future where this suit won't be considered a staple. Similar to the Little Black Dress - at Sea & Sand we firmly believe in the Little Black One Piece.

Other Phrases for the One Piece Suit 

The One Piece can go by various names. When conducting your search to find the perfect one, you may be surprised to find it under listings such as the tank suit, monokini, or what we commonly refer to it as in many of our styles: the maillot.

The French-derived fashion term, maillot was first used to describe tight-fitting, one-piece swimsuits in the 1920s. Maillots can often refer to leotards, onesies, and the like. Think of anything consisting of a tank-style top with high-cut legs

As Sea & Sand offers various styles of the maillot, a few of our favorites in our Spring 2017 collection include our Keyhole Necklines, swimdresses, and our nautical looks.

One of the other major things we love about the One Piece is its versatility and how there are so many ways to wear it! Next time you need to pack light, definitely keep one of our maillots close.

White Floral Keyhole One Piece Swimsuit Sea & Sand Beachwear

As designing sophisticated one pieces in an extensive range of sizes is one of our specialties - we're hoping the trend stays! 

In search of the perfect one? Shop our One Piece Swimwear Collection.

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