5 Ways to Feel Your Best This Summer

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Posted on May 25 2017

5 Ways to Feel Your Best This Summer | Clean Eating | Health & Wellness | Sea & Sand Beachwear

With the start of Summer finally here, there is no better time to not only look your best – but feel your best. And how can you achieve that? 

Clean eating!

Clean eating isn’t so bad. And before you write us off, consider this:

1) Do you like fresh food?

2) Do you like chocolate?

If you answered yes to both, well. You’re already a great candidate to at least try it!

You don’t have to go to a super expensive specialty food store to pick up a good habit either. Clean eating can easily be composed of fresh picks from your local grocer, or town’s farmer’s market. Read below for our five picks on ways to feel your best this summer. 

1. Consuming Healthy Fats

Olive oil, coconut oil and avocado! Lately, we’ve been replacing every butter and cooking spray with the multifunctional coconut oil. Fitness experts live and breathe by these healthy fats! If you want to take it a step farther, coconut oil is also great topically for skin. And between us, going back to food… it smells like Christmas if you use it as the base of a pasta sauce.

2. Adding Apple Cider Vinegar

Since we’re coming off of spring allergy season, your immune system may have been working in overdrive to fight all of that mold, dust, and pollen the previous seasons have brought. No better time to re-boost your immune system than with nature’s antiviral AND antibiotic. Splash this on some fresh salad, and you’re well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. 

3. Making a Power Salad

Kale, spinach, mixed berries – and our favorite healthy fat: avocado, lead the charge with this fresh summer salad. If the above Apple Cider Vinegar is too strong, add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar as your dressing. To add energy, we recommend adding a healthy protein, such as a hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, etc.

4. Eating Lean Meats

Marinating boneless and skinless chicken breast in olive oil, and adding some salt-free seasoning can take a potentially dry piece of chicken from blah to gourmet. Best of all? The meat is still lean and packed with flavor. No salt needed. Did we mention it’s super easy to make? It takes under a minute to season, an hour to marinate (covered) in the fridge, and can be popped in the oven for an hour at 425 degrees (turning once) for a thoroughly baked and flavor-packed piece of meat. Sirloin tip side steaks are another great alternative. Mix it up by adding steamed veggies, or a side of garlic-roasted hummus for dipping, and a sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon as a side.

5. Choosing Healthy Snacks

Our rule? Avoid added sugars, or foods that may be naturally high in sugar (like honey or fruits). It may sound impossible (it did to us at first too!), but once you cut it out, after a few days your taste buds adapt (how cool is that?). You won’t even miss it! Our picks for the healthiest and most delicious bets:

  • Almond Butter: Add carrots or celery sticks, and you’re in for a treat.
  • Granola: There’s something earthy about it, and we can’t get enough.
  • Plain Yogurt: Refreshing and low in sugar. Perfect if you need a quick dairy fix.
  • Dark Chocolate: Clean eating isn’t all that bad, especially when heart-healthy dark chocolate is involved. Eat a bar with no regrets!

The above is a great map for healthy meals that can start a wellness plan you won’t want to stop. With clean eating, you’ll be at peace of mind knowing that you’re treating your body well. Stick to this, and you’ll also look great in that bikini this summer! Shop our two-piece swimwear, or our entire 2017 Swim Collection to kick off Summer with looks you’ll love.

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